What is the Lent Season in Reality? Lent Season 2020 – Lent Season Information

What is the Lent Season in Reality? Lent Season 2020 – Lent Season Information

January 18, 2020 0 By pakchristianweb

This article about to “Lent season” so first you read and then share to everyone. Lent season is a Christians fasting 40 days.

What is the Lent season in Reality?

The approach of the Lent season brings a furrow to the evangelical brow. What are to do with it?

For congregations that follow the church year there is no problem; Christians will do what they have always done. They will use Lent as a time for taking inventory. Many non-liturgical churches,

by contrast, consider the forty(40) days before Easter to be no hoier than any other time of year. For them an Ash Wednesday service is just simply a Wednesday-night prayer meeting.

The word “Lent” itself does not help us so much. It’s derived from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning is “to lengthen” and refers to a season when the days become longer,i.e., spring. The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church says that the number forty(40) was; evidently suggested by the forty(40) days’fasts of Prophet Moses, Prophet Elijah, and particularly our Lord Jesus Christ himself.”

Since the fourth century A.D. the church has generally observed Lent as a time of fasting, of inner examination, of abstaining from festivities, of alms-giving, and of more strict attendance at prayer and worship. The first break in Lent observance in Europe may have occurred in 1522 when Ulrich Zwingli sided with certain Zurich printers who insisted they had to have something more ad more invigorating to eat than fish on Fridays to hold out their duties. In the years since, dispensations have step by step eroded the discipline of the Holy Lent Season in the traditional churches. Virtually all dietary needs have been lifted in quite recent times. At the similar time pre-Lenten festivals like the Mardi Gras have turned into bacchanals that have become a reproach to civilization.

So what do we do? Observe Lent season or ignore it? Follow the roles, disciplines or celebrate our Reformation heritage by doing what we please-including staying at home…

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In this year start fasts / Ash Wednesday on 26th Feb 2020.