The Importance of Resurrection of Jesus Christ | Resurrection of Jesus

The Importance of Resurrection of Jesus Christ | Resurrection of Jesus

December 28, 2019 0 By pakchristianweb

The Importance of Resurrection of Jesus Christ :

Easter or the Holy week is the biggest day for all Christians who celebrate the entire week terming resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter Sunday and the day symbolises the foundation and a strong bond of a Christian’s faith. Easter is also known as “Moveable Feasts” as the event does not fall on a fixed day according to Gregorian and Julian calendars. People term Jesus as the Son of God and also state that Jesus’ resurrection from his death represents a living hope. Centuries ago, Easter was considered the best time for converts to receive baptism. The procedure of baptism is done by sprinkling holy water.

Easter is the day when Jesus Christ is resurrection from the dead. Christians celebrate each day of Lent Season with the list of events, including the Last Supper and its preceding foot washing ceremony, which is followed by a day of mourning Good Friday and then the crucifixion of Jesus.

The entire 40 day period includes fasting and dedicating oneself in chanting. This event is termed as Lent which beings with Ash Wednesday. Lent, is a time when people reflect and experience the pain that Jesus went through all alone. Mostly Christians believe that Jesus survived and stayed away from all temptation led down by Devil.

We all know, Jesus landed on Earth and sacrificed himself for the people who committed sins. He was then crucified on the third day and that is the day when Christians celebrate Good Friday.

Customs and Traditions :

It is also said that Jesus revived himself for his people from the immorality committed on them. Way before Easter, Christians start decorating their houses and even churches. There are a few traditional rituals and customs which are also followed on the day of Easter like Egg hunting, Easter bunny, Easter candies and Easter parades. The actual fun though, starts when the food is served as there are various types of cuisines prepared for the festival.

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