Bible Books Name and Meanings | Bible Information

Bible Books Name and Meanings | Bible Information

January 25, 2020 0 By pakchristianweb

In this article find Books of the Bible Names and their Meanings. The all 66 books of the Holy Bible names and meanings see below. 66 books in Protestant Bible, 74 books in Catholic Bible. 81 books in Orthodox Bible. Bible wrote in 1600 century. Bible written by 40 authors who God’s believer. The Holy Bible contains two (2) Testaments, Old Testament and New Testament. Old Testament written before Jesus Christ come on this earth. And New Testament written after ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven.

World’s first printed book is a Holy Bible, translated into 2800 languages. Bible spread 40 generations. All Bible books names and meanings read below. And extend your knowledge about Bible information and must share to everyone.

Old Testament Books Names and their Meanings :

Books Meaning
Book of Genesis Creation
Book of Exodus Rescue
Book of Leviticus Calling from God
Book of Numbers Cenus
Book of Deuteronomy Repeatation
Book of Joshua Jesus Saviour
Book of Judges Justice
Book of Ruth A story of obedience.
Book of Samuel I Given by God
Book of Samuel II Given by God
Book of Kings I Kingdom
Book of Kings II Kingdom
Book of Chronicles I History of Kings
Book of Chronicles II History of Kings
Book of Ezra Helpful
Book of Nehemiah God gives sympathy
Book of Esther The hidden star
Book of Job Strong faith
Book of Psalms Worship of God
Book of Proverbs Words of Wisdom
Book of Ecclesiastes Spreader of faith
Book of Song of Songs Songs of Soloman
Book of Isaiah God is alive
Book of Jeremiah God gave success
Book of Lamentations To mourn
Book of Ezekiel Power of God
Book of Daniel God is shelter
Book of Hosea Salvation
Book of Joel God is God
Book of Amos Burden
Book of Obadiah Servant of God
Book of Jonah dove
Book of Micah Who is like God
Book of Nahum The tender-hearted
Book of Habakkuk To embrace
Book of Zephaniah Hidden by God
Book of Haggai The Paradise
Book of Zechariah Remembered of God
Book of Malachi God’s Messenger


New Testament Books Names and their Meanings :

Books Meaning
Gospel of Matthew God’s Blessings (Jesus)
Gospel of Mark Servant of Jesus
Gospel of Luke The man of Bright
Gospel of John The Son of God (Jesus)
Book of Acts The Actions of the Apostles
Book of Romans Strong
Book of Corinthians I Jewelry / Trinkets
Book of Corinthians II Jewelry / Trinkets
Book of Galatians Stream of Milk
Book of Ephesians City of Moon
Book of Philippians Serve Others with happiness
Book of Colossians Patience / Tolerance
Book of Thessalonians I Victory
Book of Thessalonians I Victory
Book of Timothy I Respect to God
Book of Timothy II Respect to God
Book of Titus Respectable / Honorable
Book of Philemon Humble
Book of Hebrews A Better Life Through Jesus Christ
Letter of James How to Live as a Christian
Letter of Peter I Stone
Letter of Peter II Stone
Letter of John I The Love of God
Letter of John II Beware of the fake teachers
Letter of John III Love to Those Who Walk in the Truth
Letter of Jude God’s praise
Book of Revelation The Uncovering